Roadie & Bugsy: Adoption pending

Bonded Male & Female
ROADIE came fro the streets in Aromas CA. and ended up at the SPCA. We plucked him out and he went straight to Avian to get neutered on 11/9/2017. He had a hole through his ear so his past must of been rough. But he is an amazing gentle happy very hungry boy! He checked out in excellent health, age maybe 1-3 years ??? Beautiful, potty trained, laid back. He's a "Ready to go" bunny ! 2/23/2018 UPDATE: Roadie was temporarily adopted but situations occur and he had to be returned. Happily he came back with a bun wife. She is a gorgeous Lionhead, BUGSY! Bugsy's Bio: "was purchased at a feed store at about a month old. She was found in a empty fish tank which is why I bought her. They wouldn’t let me adopt or just take her. She about 3 years now and has always been an indoor bunny with dogs and cats so she would do amazing in a home with other animals. Her favorite thing to eat is Dino kale but really she’ll eat/ love anything." They are best buds, both spayed/neutered and we would HOPE they can be adopted together, forever!