This lucky lady was brought into the Monterey County shelter along with 3 other stray terrified bunnies. We rescued 2 (Skoodles & Krinkles) and they have relaxed completely, almost Thanking us for saving them. The other pair went to another rescue. Skoodles was spayed & micro-chipped at AFRP Clinic on 9/16/2015. She was in early stages of pregnancy but now she is fully recovered & can move on with her own life. She certainly deserves to be safe and loved. She will eat nearly any fresh greens offered, LOVES her Orchard Grass timothy hay mixture and any treats (bananas, apples, grapes etc). She was caged w/another bunny so she may be a great bonding bunny candidate. Age approx. 3 year old. Perfect age as they are more relaxed & easy to cuddle with!