Forever Missed

Duncan Anthony Potter, III
Duncan Anthony Potter, III (aka "Dunc-a-Doo", "DooDoo", "The Do", "Diggy Duncs") was 5 years old when he passed on April 5th 2017. He was adopted into his loving furever home on July 30th, 2016 from Rescue Rabbits Rock after needing to be surrendered by his previous owner. Duncan instantly became family and warmed the hearts of everyone he got the chance to meet. Duncan brought so much joy and happiness to his family and was the best rabbit anyone could have hoped for. Duncan was incredibly sweet and loved his sisters Chloe, River and Snowy who he bonded with and spent every day/moment with. Duncan lived free, never in a cage and was able to just be a bunny. He spent his days and nights with his sisters, snuggling in a bunny pile, cleaning each other, flopping and of course devouring hay and kale. Duncan had a little cardboard truck that he used to LOVE to chew on, so much that we had to buy out the store as they were marking them down for clearance, never to be sold again. We of course had to make sure Duncan had his favorite chew toy on hand. Needless to say, he was a little spoiled. Not a day goes by that we do not miss his snoring when he would fall asleep, his excitement when you entered his view as he ran to see you, butt bouncing up and down or when just sitting on the couch and he would run over just lay his head on your leg to snuggle looking up as to ask for a nose rub. We couldn't have asked for a better pet, friend, and rabbit than Duncan. He will be greatly and forever missed but never ever forgotten. Duncan, we love you forever and ever and we will see you again one day. On that day we will owe you many upon many nose rubs.