The Sweetest Bunny

Captain Jack
Captain Jack was the sweetest bunny and I was truly blessed to have him. I only had him 2.5 years but in that short time he gave me so much love. He captured my heart immediately with his sweet personality, he loved to be held and would fall asleep in my arms. He melted my heart every time he gave me bunny kisses. He found the love of his life in a strong willed but loving bunny named Giselle. They were happy together, sometimes fighting and chasing each other around but they always ended up in the corner snuggled up together giving each other kisses. When Captain Jack was ill with GI issues, I tried everything to help him and was thankful to all who donated and to Dr.Thomas for trying so hard to save him. I was heartbroken when he crossed the rainbow bridge in Nov 2012. I am grateful for every moment I had with him & will never forget how special that little bunny made me feel. He was a one in a million bunny and he will forever be in my heart. This photo is my absolute favorite picture. He truly was the best present ever.