Emergency Help

If Bunny won't eat/poop/acts sick, call the VET!

AVIAN & EXOTIC  CLINIC    (831)  647-1147
EMERGENCY (831)  899-7387 (PETS)

451Canyon Del Rey  Blvd.,     
Canyon Del Rey  93940

Emergency Kit to have on hand

  • Pedialyte  (unflavored liquid) or
  • Powdered Pedialyte  for hydration
  • Baby food, unsweetened canned
  • pumpkin, apple sauce 
  • Feeding syringes 
  • Flushing  syringes
  • Simethicone liquid  or chewable  (brand names: GasX, Phazyme)  for gas 
  • Neosporin  antibiotic ointment Betadine  and Novalsan  (diluted) to
  • wash cuts & puncture wounds
  • Alcohol
  • Heating  pad for hypothermia
  • Carrier  to take  bunny  to the vet