We were just notified this little girl arrived at the Salinas city shelter. Luckily we shuffled some bunnies around & she became an AFRP Rescue Rabbits Rock bunny 6/30/2017. We would love to put her into a foster home to let her relax from her ordeal before we show her at our adoption show. IF you would like to help her, please email us ASAP. UPDATE after 3 weeks: BETSY is starting to show her personality, but still has a cautious side so she needs a few more months of being cared for by NICE humans but she's starting to show trust. She loves her food, but prefers to explore & race about the house. We see she is choosing to be an indoor bunny (when we let her out on porch, she begs to come back in house). She's full grown but on the small side. She's just hoping that the right person comes along soon! BETSY was spayed at Avian Exotic Clinic on 9/31/2017.